Andy here from Indulge Dining.

Given we seem to be having an absolute corker of a summer this year, I thought I would share my easy-to-make crowd pleasing dip.

It is very similar to a baba ghanoush and PERFECT for dipping crisps in!

So if you are having friends over for a few beers and a BBQ and need some nibbles inspo - try this!

- Place whole aubergines on a hot BBQ

- Sweat off some shallots & garlic in a pan in the kitchen, sweat them slowly until they are soft

- When your aubergines look charred on the outside (as per the photo provided) - remove them from the bbq and scrape out the soft insides

- Blend the soft aubergine with your shallots & garlic & add a splash of double cream

- Enjoy as a tasty dip!

It's the perfect addition to your nibbles when waiting for all the BBQ food to be cooked!

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