Introduction by The Forest Editor Aiden:

"We first came across Ewan when he surprised us with an ace
station sketch of The Forest's home hub Tracks and the electric milk float we borrowed when going through our arch adaptation saga as glorified greengrocers through lockdown. So when we needed an artists impression to propose our vision to Newham Council of our regeneration project at the Avenue Road Arches it was only natural we sought his sketching skills which you can check out here.

He has since captured the character of many more local landmarks in Newham including an updated sketch of Tracks. Stay tuned for the T-Shirt collaboration coming soon that's part of our ongoing
crowdfunding campaign to keep The Forest and Tracks running.

Here's how Ewan was inspired by the local creative community to pick up his pad and sketch..."

Tracks © ewan.sketch

When I moved to Manor Park in 2017, I never thought I would end up starting a small business here. Since moving to the area, I have enjoyed getting to know the creative community and great independent businesses in Manor Park and Forest Gate and I have been inspired to launch my illustration company ewan.sketch.

My creative background started from a very young age and I studied Product Design at university in Aberdeen, known as the Granite City. In my twenties, I lived in Italy and Denmark, where I gained experience in the world of furniture design.

I found that illustration was always a key part of communicating my ideas to clients.

Returning to the UK, I worked with landscape architects and visualisation studios, and I now work full-time as a producer in the CGI and tech industry.

I have always been interested in photography, architecture and art and during the 2020 lockdown I began photographing and sketching the buildings around me. My first sketch was the Old Manor Park Library on Romford Road, which I displayed as part of Newham Lockdown Window Art.

Old Manor Park Library © ewan.sketch

I then signed up for a Newham Heritage Month art project run by artist and educator Eleanor Pearce, who has been hugely supportive and encouraging of my work. During the course, I chose to draw Giovanna’s Italian deli on Woodgrange Road in its past and present forms. I had a lot of fun on that project and it gave me the spark to start ewan.sketch.

My style is loose and detailed whilst capturing the character of the subject.

My focus is on drawing buildings - mostly independent businesses and interesting architecture.

I also offer commissions, which have included house portraits in Newham as well as wedding venues, memorable places, and family homes further afield.

Commission © ewan.sketch

Recently, I have taken part in my first street markets, including the new Manor Park Pop Up Market and the Forest Gate Festive Market.

These are a great way to meet fellow artists and hear stories from local people about the area or buildings I have drawn.

In Manor Park, I enjoy spending time walking on the Wanstead Flats, hanging out at Manor Park Community Garden, and grabbing a coffee at Urban Baristas on my way to work.

I also love going on road trips and doing drone photography in the Highlands of Scotland which you can check out here. I grew up in Inverness and I hope to take inspiration from the Scottish landscape into my future work.

Take a look at my work online and say hello next time you see me at a local market!

To buy my work or ask about commissions, visit or give me a follow at @ewan.sketch