We're proud of our partnership with the Forest Gate LGBTQIA+ community in hosting queer events in our inclusive E7 environ Tracks.

We met Dom through previous involvement with our amazing allies Forest Gayte Pride and we hit it off as our core values aligned with community-based initiatives. The She.Her.They.Them showcase is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a platform for the marginalised and minoritised LGBTQ+ voices which we support in our safe space to encourage collaboration and connection.

Pre-pandemic we hosted many successful She.Her.They.Them events which featured live performers and DJs plus stalls and workshops for further queer business awareness and engagement to build lasting relationships. You can read more about She.Her.They.Them via Dom's previous piece on The Forest here.

After a two-year She.Her.They.Them sabbatical, we welcome back Dom and She.Her.They.Them to Tracks on Saturday 14th May, 3pm-Midnight complete with a Hungry Dykes station kitchen takeover so show solidarity and support!

Here's Dom's lil' local love letter to Forest Gate:

"I’d already fallen in love with Forest Gate long before I moved here in 2015. Having spent the previous decade in and around other east London neighbourhoods, I’d often head to the flats to walk my dog and enjoy the surroundings. I loved the buzz of the area alongside the calm of the flats, so when I was looking for somewhere to both live and create a space for my artistic practice, there was nowhere else I could imagine being. Moving to Forest Gate felt like coming home.

As a Queer person, community is in my core and, as I settled into the area, I quickly learnt that Forest Gate was a place that encouraged and appreciated community energy like nowhere else.

So, when a friend and I decided that what Forest Gate needed was an event for Queer women, Nonbinary, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming individuals, it was with an air of ‘if we build it, they will come’. The lack of spaces and events dedicated to our community throughout London has been an issue for years, but, we figured, we exist and we want to find each other and build connections…so why not here? Surely there are other locals who feel the same? And we were right.

Since 2018, SheHerTheyThem has grown to become a community in itself; a space to support Queer artists, initiatives, organisations and individuals, and build friendships and support networks. After a Covid-enforced hiatus, I’m excited to be bringing the event back with some serious Queer energy to Tracks in May. I can’t wait to reconnect with the community and continue where we left off."

So come celebrate the women of Forest Gate and beyond!

Stay tuned for further updates via Instagram on the @she.her.they.them page.