SheHerTheyThem was founded in 2018 to be a safe, accessible and open community building initiative here in Forest Gate.

The aim was to create an inclusive event for Queer Women, Non Binary and Gender Non-Conforming People to come together and connect in a safe space, where we can interact and form strong bonds within our local queer community.

The SheHerTheyThem Socials exist in response to the frustration at the lack of safe and inclusive spaces for our community to exist and thrive. Queer people need space to share resources, establish friendships, create, and uplift initiatives and organisations that give back to our community. We need spaces to express creatively and politically; to address and resolve the issues that specifically impact Queer Women, NB and GNC individuals. We need spaces to socialise safely and comfortably without having to make ourselves small or self-censor for our own protection. We need a community which centres our voices and needs.

Newham has an incredibly diverse and strong Queer population; we’ve seen through Forest Gate Pride how this community wants opportunities to come together and exist proudly and visibly in our local neighbourhood.

SheHerTheyThem has so far produced incredible connections, from finding housemates and forming bands to helping organisations find funding and creatives find work, and we plan to continue to build these positive relationships.

Tracks has stepped up as an ally to our project; having provided the venue for SheHerTheyThem since 2019, and will continue to do so as the initiative relaunches this month with a special LGBT History Month event this Spring on Saturday 14th May. This Community Building Social will be open to all groups, organisations, activism and creative projects run by and/or centred on Queer Women, NB and GNC people to share their work and promote their campaigns. As ever, we’ll also be celebrating the talented Queer performers from our community with live music, Drag, interactive performance art and DJs providing entertainment throughout the night in inclusive and welcoming surroundings.

The SheHerTheyThem Community Building Hangout is the space where we bring together social, educational, creative and collaborative groups, individuals and organisations that support and uplift our community.

The Hangout will kick off at 3pm and feature Queer Organisations and creatives including G(end)er Swap, Camp Books, Queer Newham, The Newham Pride Map Project, The Potato Diary, River Manning, Dom Holmes, Sh! Women’s Store, Atelier Quamar, Shaven Raven Designs and Lavender Health.

From 7pm we’ll celebrate the best of queer performance. Host Charlie George will introduce live acts MIRI, Prinx Silver, Mister Mister Rowdy Seaweed and Hardik Mistry, before DJ Claudia Kane takes over on the decks to keep the queer joy flowing.

Hungry Dykes will be in the kitchen cooking up a storm with their incredible Mexican Street Food throughout the day.

Our mission continues to decentre cis male energy from our Queer community and build a platform for the marginalised and minoritised LGBTQ+ voices in a space that supports and encourages collaboration and connection.

As ever, cis-het women are welcome to join our space in support of our causes, but please respect that this event is for the Queer community. Cis men are welcome to support our cause from a distance though our rules are simple; No TERFs, No SWERFs, No Cis Men.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, which is why we operate a Pay What You Can policy. We don’t charge door cover, we just accept donations, every penny of which goes towards keeping the events running.

For more information on our events and initiatives, or to get involved as an organisation, activist group, creative or performer, please contact Dom at or find us on instagram at @she.her.they.them