I launched Chloe's Cheese Club just over a year ago when my busy city freelance career came to a standstill in light of the pandemic. From putting together Christmas cheese hampers for Tracks customers, The Club has evolved into tasting nights, market trading and a monthly cheese box subscription service, which you can find more information about here.

January is officially the month of home cooking, comfort food and hibernation. Check out this totally moreish recipe from Chloe's Cheese Club: Lasagne Mortadella e Pistacchio. The crunch of pistachios really cut through the creaminess of the Cheesy sauce... Total heaven!

Lasagna sheets

Dry/fresh/homemade all work

For the Pesto

- 100g Pistachio nuts de-shelled
- 2 garlic cloves
- Handful of basil leaves
- Tbsp Olive oil, salt & pepper

In a blender until pesto consistency


- Roux (butter/flour)

Stir in milk slowly, add ricotta/mascarpone and stir until smooth


Layer lasagna sheets, mortadella, pesto, bechamel, mozzarella and repeat until the dish is filled.
Top with more mozzarella, parmesan and bechamel and bake for 40 minutes at 180 until the top is golden brown.

Chloe will be hosting a Cheese and Wine tasting evening with the Tracks team this Valentine's day, Monday 14th February. Tickets are available to purchase from the Tracks website.