I moved to Forest Gate around five years ago. The first thing that attracted me to the area was Wanstead Flats, the feeling of space and serenity. Despite only having a very basic setup in my house I have since recorded and written all my songs from here and to take it even one step further I based all my artwork around Wanstead Flats. 

It just seems like the perfect backdrop to my music at the moment.

My new composition Give Me Life is a song about that someone or something that saves you from yourself when you feel like there’s no way out. Self doubt and past turbulent relationships all add to the anxiety we feel at some point in our lives. The verses are a little darker and written retrospectively but the chorus opens up and has a more hopeful and positive outlook.

Like many songs, I pulled this title out of thin air! I started off with the simple lyrical hook ‘You give me life’ and built the piano and strings around that.

This song almost signifies a rebirth, written at a time in my life where I felt like things had to change.

I ‘woke up’ in a sense and surrendered to something deeper... I ended up feeling like I could really breathe for the first time in a long time. 

Give Me Life is out now. For further updates follow @rachelbarrormusic and you can check out Rachel's releases via her social media pages below: