I have lived in Newham and Redbridge for the most part of my life in the UK and feel a strong connection to this part of London in general. I have seen a huge change happen to the area over the years in terms of development, infrastructure and the people who have moved in and out of the area.

For work, I wear two very different hats as a chartered surveyor and a clinical hypnotherapist.

The latter was to create a balance that I felt was missing for many years.

It is this part of my working life where I find most of my fulfillments are derived from, be that in helping someone quit smoking to live a healthier and certainly longer life, or stop night terrors or sleep disorders so they can do the simple things day-to-day without huge struggles, or battle illness in a more positive way. I also love working with people on personal goals though simplifying things and bringing focus back to what makes us tick.

It is reassuring to see how most of our needs are so similar when the superfluous are taken out of the picture, and how there is no alternative to what is gained for our wellbeing through creative outlets and time spent in nature.

Quiet Reflection

Where is my balance? Where is my sweet spot from where I operate the best? And by best I mean in harmony with my inner self without fighting my true nature, without trying to fit in, or impress or compete or even feel materially or superficially successful.

Life is both long and short at the same time. If we are really honest, it is far too short, especially if most of our time is spent on things that do not create the type of memory that we look back on with a joyful smile.

Pursue things and spend time with people on activities and interests that create and release that joyful inner smile.

In therapy we explain that as your own body releasing the positive chemicals such as serotonin that make you feel happy and content, and motivate you to take further similar actions.

Put on the headphones with some calming music and give it five minutes with your eyes closed. What do you feel? You will know if there is balance and calm within. If you can't rest and let go to give in to the music that is trying to help you relax, then you are out of balance. But remember, nothing is permanent. That includes our imbalance, our frustrations, anger, sadness or even disappointments.

At any point we can make a choice to change the way we see or feel about something, to a way that protects us and stops the cycle of thoughts and feelings that make us suffer. That is why quiet reflections are so helpful and even critical for our wellbeing.

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