Taking it back to a Tracks throwback down the Avenue Road Arches nearly four years ago when we moved our Ransom Note Records shop outta Arch 432 (now Ramble Cafe) to Arch 437, we were welcomed with open arms by our new neighbour Mickey Cunningham who runs the MBox boxing gym. If you've been down to the Avenue Road Arches no doubt you've been greeted with a smile and his cheeky charm.

Mickey's military background was a springboard in developing into an amateur boxer and trainer. Having since won many titles and qualified as a boxing coach, opening his own boxing gym in his local environ was a natural progression. MBox has since evolved into a community-powered space as it's a hive of activity bringing together locals from all walks of life regardless of age or background. We love that it's a true reflection of the Newham neighbourhood!

His ethos is a strong focus of core and functional fitness complete with his signature exercises combining movements that hit multiple muscles and engage the mind. Though his workouts are fast paced, high intensity intervals, with both anaerobic & cardiovascular components, no matter your age range or experience, his classes can cater for all including introductory sessions for boxing beginners and advanced one-to-one workouts in the ring. He also hosts children's classes so the kids can burn off the energy and the parents can have a breather in the Tracks beer garden!

If the gym feels like a never ending treadmill then turn to MBox with it's physical exertion and mental stimulation - to quote Mickey:

“Boxing gives you goals, keeps you fit, channels your aggression and is a great social outlet. I like the fitness, the adrenaline rush, and the science: there’s always a move to counter another move. It’s like a game of chess.”

You'll often see our Teams Tracks Ambassador Ryan training there plus me and Station Manager Matt gave it go for a couple of months over the summer definitely gets you fighting fit - promise Mickey I'll be back next month!

Here's Mickey's lil' love letter to his local 'hood:

"I grew up in Upton Park going to nursery and school there so am an East End boy. When I was 17 years old I went to the careers office on Woodgrange Road in Forest Gate and that's where I signed up for a career in the army.

Everything I've learnt over the years through my military career and boxing influenced my life goal in opening MBox to teach and nurture the next generation of boxers. It's great to be able to fulfil a dream and give back to the local community."

So sign up and support Mickey's MBox!

You can book boxing classes with Mickey on the MBox website and for more updates follow on Instagram @mboxlondon