When we opened our Forest Gate record station Ransom Note Records Records back in 2017 (before evolving into Tracks), Lloyd was the first to give us a proper warm welcome to the area and has never stopped supporting us through our never-ending arch adaptation saga.

Not content in being a Forest Gate guardian, he also co-founded the Forest Gate Community Garden a lil’ E7 eden away from the hustle’n’bustle on Earlham Grove.

Here’s what our E7 elder Lloyd loves about Forest Gate:

"I've lived in this amazing neighbourhood for very nearly fifty years. I love Forest Gate. It's the most diverse spot on the face of the planet and a place packed to the brim with stories. It has an incredible history woven together from all the extremes that life can bring. I think the best current example of what is so good about E7 is the community garden, a magic space created by residents making use of a commonwealth of trust that has been slowly getting stronger over the past ten years or so. I wonder what changes and experiments the next decade will bring? It's all bound to be positive if we continue to act collectively to protect the rights of each of us as individuals."

So show some love to our local legend who’s already gone down in Forest Gate folklore...