The question most commonly asked when our Kotch Pizza & Brunch name is heard is: “What does Kotch mean”?

Well, despite being run by genuine Italians, the word 'Kotch' comes from the streets of East London and in slang means to "chill out or hang out".

This is what my friend Daniel and myself wanted to offer our clients when launching Kotch Pizza in Maryland. High end stone-baked pizzas & brunch with an Italian twist in an elegant and fun environment.

We had a completely different background having worked in properties before opening Kotch. Although the property business was able to give us a good living, it wasn’t something that gave us deep joy. We felt, however, opening a restaurant would make us happier and it would better match our Italian background.

We decided to go for Maryland because we are locals and because we felt there was the need for something different in the area.

Something cool and modern that would initiate a process of revamping the area for the better. Something that would bring a better sense of community in the neighbourhood.

At Kotch, you can taste delicious Italian food (with fried pizzas and Calzones also being big hits) but also get some proper vibes with the many events we offer. Live DJ events, Jazz music performances and comedy shows hosted by The Depressed Baker are just few of the gigs we throw.

We love local locals too that is why we have partnered with many small businesses around like Tracks and Tina We Salute You to fire pizzas from their venues or joined forces with Forest Gate chefs like The Rangoon Sisters and Fiore to create fantastic specials.

Our Kotch concept is pretty straightforward: fantastic food in an amazing atmosphere. We deliver their fantastic food too (via their own website) in case of the rain or cold kicking in so there's no way you wish to move away from your sofa!

If you fancy a slice of Kotch order online here and for further updates follow @kotchpizza