Next up in our series shining the spotlight on the local lives of the E7 Eden is Forest Gate’s grand matriarch Kalpna Livermore who deserves a special shout out for her support of our station Tracks.

When not on a motherland mission, Kalpna organises the annual Forest Gate Jumble Trail and in 2020 launched her pet project Green & Lush to turn your Forest Gate gaffs into plant paradise via her home delivery service and plant pop-ups. Think just about everyone in the E7 environ has scored some succulents off Kalpna!

Here’s what Kalpna loves ‘bout her home ‘hood:

“Having grown up in Redbridge, Forest Gate was only a stones throw away. I loved going to Green Street as a child, the vibrancy of Queens Market, the enticing food aromas, the shopping!
Many many years later, settling in Forest Gate has been the best decision we could have made. I absolutely love the community spirit here, so many open-minded and diverse people. There’s culture, cafes, fruit and veg stalls and a great sense of belonging. Add the flats, the library, great pubs, the community garden, independent businesses to name a few, you can see why it’s such a great place to live”

She ain’t wrong!

Kalpna will be back turning our station garden into the Tracks tropics again for our arch markets this Spring so support your lil’ local E7 enterprise and come cop a plant from her pop-up shops.

In the meantime if you're after any plant purchases you can contact her here: